Cindy Larry

Cindy Larry


Ms. cindy larry


I look forward to another remarkable school year with our Herget community! I find joy in encouraging and inspiring students here at Herget Middle School to be the best they can be in and out of the classroom! I received my Bachelor of Arts from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Aurora University. I started my educational career in West Aurora School District 129 in 1995 as a Special Education Intervention Teacher.  I have had the pleasure of being Assistant Principal at Smith Elementary and Principal at Hill Elementary School.  It is my utmost pleasure to be the Principal of Herget Middle School where I continue to engage in professional learning opportunities.

Middle school is a very special time, with tremendous social, intellectual, and physical growth taking place in three years. This is an exciting and significant time of learning, discovering, moving from the elementary experience and preparing for the journey into high school and beyond as students become increasingly independent with their studies and begin to take more responsibility for their learning.  What happens during these few short years will have a lasting impression on their academic and social growth.  

I strongly believe that each student is a unique individual and should have opportunities that embark on an engaging, supportive and exploratortive  educational journey. My priority is to ensure that we are providing instruction through the curiosity, complexity and joy of learning through shared commitments of education in collaboration with working with our parents. We continue to address this by setting shared academic and social expectations and providing supportive systems for students as we continue our own professional development. I remain eager and deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of students.

Over the years, I have also worked for Nike, Disney and The Association for Individual Development-Keeler Center here in Aurora, Illinois.  During my free time, I love spending time with family and friends where family game nights continue to be my favorites. I enjoy traveling where I can make historical connections and learn new information. I get excited about every school year and continue to look forward to collaborating with the Herget community! 

Kari Nicholson-Rigaud

Kari Nicholson-Rigaud

Assistant Principal of Teaching & Learning


Joseph Neukirch

Joseph Neukirch

Assistant Principal of Operations

Mr. Joseph neukirch

I am what is called a lifer.  Not only did I attend K-12 at West Aurora, I started my career here at West Aurora in 2005.  Here are some of the positions I have held in the West Aurora 129 School District. I was a West High Social Studies teacher, coached swimming and diving at West High.  I was then a West High Dean of Students and Assistant Principal of Operations at Jefferson Middle School. 

Currently I am the Assistant Principal of Teaching & Learning at Herget Middle School.

Joe and his wife have 2 sons, Jaxson and Jameson who are the families third generation attending West Aurora School District 129. 

Phil Zelman

Phil Zelman


Mr. Phil Zelman

I have worked in District 129 since 2003 both as a teacher and as an administrator. I began my career at Jefferson Middle School where I taught math and reading as a 6th grade teacher and coached football. I became the Student Services Specialist at Jefferson Middle School and then moved to Greenman Elementary School as an Assistant Principal. I have a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and a master’s degree from Aurora University.

I am the Dean of Students at Herget Middle School. I look forward to working with the students, staff and families of Herget Middle School.