Symptom Screener

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In anticipation of a return to in-person learning after the adaptive pause, which could be as early as December 7th, please make sure you have established your account to access our symptom screener. Once we return, all students participating in in-person learning will need to be certified each day before coming to school. Students who are not screened by a parent or who have failed the symptom screener should stay home and contact the school for additional guidance. A reminder message, with an embedded link to the symptom screener, will be emailed to the parent who established the account at 12:15 a.m. the morning your student is scheduled to attend school. Please only certify your student on the day they are scheduled to attend school. 


Here are a couple of helpful hints:

  • The initial account should be completed in the parent/guardian name
  • To add students to your account, click on “My Students” at the top of the page and then “Add Student” 
  • Please register your student’s legal name, as you did when registering for school

complete New screening Here

For assistance, please contact
Mrs. Andrea Delgado via email at